Snowflake Data Warehouse Glossary

Snowflake Data Warehouse Glossary talks about all the important keywords which a developer must know. Snowflake cloud data platform is cloud-native, faster, easier to use, and far more flexible than traditional data warehouse offerings. Snowflakes data platform is not built on an existing database or big data software platform such as Hadoop. The Snowflake data platform uses a new SQL database engine with a unique architecture designed for the cloud. To the user, Snowflake has many similarities to other enterprise data warehouses but also has additional functionality and unique capabilities of a full data platform.

Snowflake Glossary & Key Terms

The intent of this glossary document to provide a high-level definition of each terminology used in Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse. They are not arranged in a particular way and this document is adapted for better and easier understanding.


Snowpipe is a serverless processing component that helps to stream the data from a staging environment to a working virtual warehouse (VW). Snowpipe is also not charged for a virtual warehouse and it follows a separate pricing strategy.


When using Snowflake Query Windows, you can run this command to list all the Snowpipe and their status.


While dealing with JSON data, Snowflake provide a way to parse and store the data in a proper structured format and you don't need to parse it via any utility. To store and process data, VARIANT is the data type that can be used in DDL.