Snowflake Unique Features

Snowflake Unique Features (Key Unique Features)

Snowflake is a cloud-native analytical data warehouse solution and comes with lot of unique and important features which make this tool very powerful and also differentiate it from other cloud native data warehouse solutions offered by major cloud providers.

It is faster, easy to use compared to other data warehouse solutions.

In this blog, we will list down all the unique key Unique Features (Important Key Unique Features) of Snowflake Data Warehouse.

Snowflake Unique & Important Feature Tree Map

Following treemap will help you to quickly go through all the snowflake unique features.

Snowflake ETL/ELT Journey

Before we undestand the snowflake unique and important features, it is good to know how the ETL journey of snowflake looks like.

Unique Feature 1 - Major Cloud Platform Support

Unique Feature 2 - Unlimited Storage & Compute

Unique Feature 3 - Data Platform as Service

Unique Feature 4 - Unique 3 Layer Architecture

Unique Feature 5 - Virtual Warehouse (Compute)

Unique Feature 6 - Support for Structured & Semi Structured Data

Unique Feature 7 - Time Travel Unique Feature & Fail Safe

Unique Feature 8 - Clone or Zero Copy Clone

Unique Feature 9 - Continuous Data Loading via Snowpipe/Stream/Task

Unique Feature 10 - Support to ANSI SQL + Extended SQL

Unique Feature 11 - Micro Partition & Data Clustering

Unique Feature 12 - Data Encryption & Security

Unique Feature 13 - RBAC & DAC

Unique Feature 14 - Data Sharing & Reader Account

Unique Feature 15 - Data Replication & Fail Over

In the event of a massive outage (due to a network issue, software bug, etc.) that disrupts the cloud services in a given region, access to Snowflake will be unavailable until the source of the outage is resolved and services are restored

Unique Feature 16 - Connector & Driver Eco System

Snowflake ecosystem around drivers and connectors are very rich it has all sort of connector available to serve the different need.

Unique Feature 17 - Partner Connect

Partner Connect lets you easily create trial accounts with selected Snowflake business partners and integrate these accounts with Snowflake

Unique Feature 18 - Data Market Place

The Snowflake Data Marketplace utilises Snowflake Secure Data Sharing to connect providers of data with consumers.