Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification

Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification

Everything about Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification


The Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification demonstrates an individual's knowledge to apply specific core expertise implementing and migrating to Snowflake. A Snowflake SnowPro Core Certificate individual has a thorough understanding of Snowflake as a cloud data warehouse and has the knowledge necessary to design, develop and manage secure, scalable Snowflake solutions to drive business objectives.

Practice Test Paper

  1. 60 Question Practice Paper (link)

Complete Video Guide for Snowflake SnowPro Certification

SnowProc Syllabus Change: Important Note (Aug 2020)

It looks Snowflake SnowPro Certification has included Stream & Task in current syllabus. That makes the overall exam bit tougher for candidates. So make sure you include the Stream & Task basic for your exam preparation.

Certification Assesses an individual’s knowledge of:

  • Where Snowflake fits into a data/analytics solution
  • Snowflake architectural principles and best practices
  • Core aspects of Snowflake solutions including
    1. Data Loading/Unloading
    2. Performance
    3. Scaling
    4. Security
    5. Data Types
    6. Connectors
    7. Continuous Data Protection
    8. Extensibility
    9. Account Management

Snowpro Core Subject Area Breakdown

  • Snowflake Overview and Architecture: 28%
  • Snowflake Virtual Warehouses: 18%
  • Snowflake Storage and Protection: 15%
  • Data Movement (Loading and Unloading): 14%
  • Snowflake Account and Security: 12%
  • Snowflake Performance and Tuning: 9%
  • Semi-Structured: 4%

The scope and content of future exams will evolve, and these questions may not reflect updated topics or the level of detail called upon for future exams and are provided for informational purposes only.

Detailed Subject Area

  • Snowflake Overview and Architecture
    • Overview of Key Features (docs)
    • Introduction to Semi-Structured Data (docs)
    • Bringing Together Structured and Semi-Structured Data (docs)
    • Semi-Structured Data Types (docs)
    • Querying Semi-Structured Data (docs)
    • Continuous Data Protection (docs)
    • Snowflake Fast Clone
    • A Quick Look at Zero-copy Cloning
    • Using Persisted Query Results
  • Snowflake Pricing & Regions (video)
    • Snowflake Regions (docs)
    • Snowflake Editions & Pricing (docs)
    • Snowflake Release (docs)
  • Snowflake Architecture
    • Database Storage (docs)
    • Query Processing (docs)
    • Cloud Services (docs)
    • Cloud Platform (docs)
    • Data Lifecycle (docs)
    • Data Protection (docs)
  • Interface & Connectivity
    • Snowflake WebUI (docs)
    • SnowSQL (CLI) (docs)
    • Connector Ecosystem (docs)
    • Partner Connector Ecosystem (docs)
  • Catalog & Objects
  • Data Sharing
    • Sharing Configuration & Access Control options
    • Secure Data Sharing
    • Providers, Consumers & Reader Accounts
    • Creating & Managing Shares
  • Compute
    • Warehouses & Types (docs)
    • Warehouse Sizing & Scaling (docs)
    • Credit Usage
    • Warehouse Management
    • Warehouse Caching
    • Warehouse Monitoring
  • Storage
    • Micro partitions
    • Metadata
    • Clustering
    • Data Storages – Cost & Retention
    • Table Types, File Formats
    • Storage Monitoring
  • Continuous Data Protection
    • Time Travel, Fail Safe
    • Data Encryption
    • Security – Network Policies
    • Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)
    • Federated Authentication & SSO
  • Data Loading
    • Stages, file format,pipe (docs)
    • Loading Consideration & Load Management (docs)
    • Continuous Load Options – Snowpipe (docs) (video)
    • Error handling & Troubleshooting
  • Data Unloading
    • Unloading data from Snowflake to External Cloud Storage (S3,GCS,AZURE BLOB) (docs)
    • Unloading data from Snowflake to Internal Snowflake Storage (docs)
    • Unloading data from Snowflake to Local / Network (docs)
    • Drive Data Unloading Considerations (docs)
  • Semi Structured Data
    • Different Formats, Variant Table Type (docs)
    • Native Syntax, Flattening Data (docs)
  • Performance Management
    • Query Performance & Analysis (docs)
    • SQL optimization (docs)
    • Load Testing (docs)
    • Clustering (docs)
    • Query Profile (docs)
    • Caching (docs)
  • Account Management
    • Managing Your Snowflake Account (docs)
    • WAREHOUSE & Storage credit usage (docs)
    • Materialized Views (docs)
    • Auto /Re Clustering (docs)
    • DR & Replication (docs)
    • Information Schema (docs)
    • Differences Between Account Usage and Information Schema (docs)
  • Security
    • Access Control (docs)
    • Role Hierarchy and Privilege Inheritance (docs)
    • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) (docs)
    • Data Encryption (docs)
    • Network Security & Policies (docs)
    • Federated Authentication & SSO (docs)

About the SnowPro Certification Exam

This exam’s objective is to measure an individual’s knowledge and ability to use Snowflake based data warehouse solution. To earn this certification, you must pass the SnowPro Core Certification exam. The exam format consists of multiple select, multiple choice, True/False, fill-in the blank and terminology matching questions. The exam has no mandatory prerequisites and is administered by our third-party proctor.

  • Length: 2 hours
  • Format: Multiple choice, Multiple Select, True/False
  • Passing Score: 80% and above
  • Registration fee: $175 USD for online, requires external web camera $175 USD for onsite, available at Kryterion Testing Centers
  • Language: Currently only available in English