Hadoop 3.0 Vs Hadoop 2.0

Hadoop 3.0 vs Hadoop 2.0 : Hadoop 3.0.0 GA (General Availability) is released on 13-Dec-2017. Everybody wants to know what it brings into the table for developer, administrator and enterprise IT. There are top 8 focus area where Hadoop 3.0 shows improvement over Hadoop 2.0. these attributes sure indicates that Hadoop 3.0 is much more better & easier for developers, cost saving for enterprise and more manageable for administrators

Hadoop 3.0 vs Hadoop 2.0

8 Key Comparison Factor : Hadoop 3.0 vs Hadoop 2.0

Look at the below comparison table where it clearly says what Hadoop 3.0 is promising. It brings lot of cook features for big data engineers to make their life easier.

Hadoop 3 vs Hadoop 2 side by side

The key Hadoop 3.0 new features and enhancement are as follows

  • Java 8 (jdk 1.8) as runtime for Hadoop 3.0
  • Erasure Encoding for to reduce storage cost
  • YARN Timeline Service v.2 (YARN-2928)
  • New Default Ports for Several Services
  • Intra-DataNode Balancer
  • Shell Script Rewrite (HADOOP-9902)
  • Shaded Client Jars
  • Support for Opportunistic Containers
  • MapReduce Task-Level Native Optimization
  • Support for More than 2 NameNodes
  • Support for Filesystem Connector
  • Reworked Daemon and Task Heap Management
  • Improved Fault-tolerance with Quorum Journal Manager

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