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Snowflake Is Role In Session Context Functions

What does is_role_in_session() do?

Snowflake Last Query ID Context Functions

What does last_query_id() do?

Snowflake Current IP Address Context Functions

What does current_ip_address() do?

Snowflake Date Time Context Functions

What are snowflake date and time context functions ?

What Is Task In Snowflake

Why every snowflake developer must know about task object in snowflake.

What Is snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse

Why you should consider Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and what does it bring to the table.

Snowflake Context Functions

What is the context function in the Snowflake?

Snowflake Stream And Task Beginner's Guide

What is Stream (Object) in Snowflake?

Snowflake Data Share Cheat Sheet

Snowflake Data Sharing Introduction (Snowflake Certification) Data Sharing is one of the key differentiator in Snowflake and certification exam will ask 4-5 questions on this subject area. Data Sharing feature...

Data Warehouse Object Naming Guidelines

It seems like a trial task, but standars naming convention are important. Good names for tables, columns and other database objects are particularly important for ad hoc users of the...

Terminal Editing Shortcust Cheasheet UNIX (Max/Ubuntu/CentOS)

While working with UNIX (Ubuntu/CentOS/MAC) terminals, it is not very convenient to move your cursors back and forth and it makes our overall productivity low. Since these terminals do not support...

Snowflake SnowPipe Cheat Sheet

SnowPipe Introduction (Snowflake Certification) Data Loading & Data Ingestion is one of the key activity in any data warehouse system and that’s why Snowflake SnowPro Certification exam ask many questions...

Oracle Java Certification Exams

There are 900,000 Java developers and 30,000java developer get Oracle Java Certification Examsevery year. This clearly indicates that how popular this programming language is. The java community isusing the knowledge,...

PySpark Introduction

What is PySpark (is it pySpark or PySpark)? Is it a new programming language or just another library? Or it is very different from Apache Spark? In recnet past, PySpark...

PySpark Data Frame Rearrange Columns

Rearranging columns in PySpark or Spark (Scala) data frame should not be a difficult job. PySpark or Spark/Scala provides a lot of convenient APIs to arrange the columns to meet...