OCJP Practice Papers – Java Basics

OCJP Practice Papers – Java Basics : Covers all the basic questions

Which of the following method signatures is a valid declaration of an entry point in a Java application?
A. public void main(String[] args)
B. public static void main()
C. private static void start(String[] mydata)
D. public static final void main(String[] mydata)


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OCJP Certification Syllabus

Java 8 Certification or OCJP Certification Syllabus (Oracle Certified Java Profession) has two certification exams. The 1st certification exam is called OCA (Oracle Certified Associate 1Z0-808). This java certification is known as Associates Certification. The 2nd level exam is slightly advanced level certification called OCP 8 (Oracle Certified Professional 1Z0-809) exam.

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