Oracle Java Certification Path

Oracle Java Certification is one of the most regarded certification for java developers. It is important to understand the Oracle Java Certification Path before you make a plan for the exam. Certifications are regarded as proof of knowledge and keep you ahead of game while seeking a job in software industry. There are companies and clients who only hire certified … read the rest

Java Certification Tips And Tricks

In this Java Certification Tips Tricks, I have provided a very simple and powerful techniques how to prepare for OCA certification exam with very minimal preparation. If you are already a java professional and you have limited time after your day job, you must follow this plan to crack the exam in 30-60-90 days. Lets discuss the overall strategy and … read the rest

Exception Handling Java 8 Certification

Exception Handling Java 8 Certification (or Catching Various Types of Exceptions) is an key aspect of application development when working with Java. So far, you have been catching only one type of exception. Now let’s see what happens when different types of exceptions can be thrown from the same method. Creating your own exceptions is not on the OCA examread the rest

Try Catch Block Java 8 Certification

Try Catch Block (on Try Catch Block Java 8 Certification Exam) is most widely used statement when it comes to manage exception. A try statement must have catch and/or finally. Having both is fine. Having neither is a problem. On the OCP exam, you’ll learn about a special syntax for a try statement called try-with-resources that allows neither a catch … read the rest

Exceptions Java 8 Certification

Exceptions Java 8 Certification (OCA Exam) covers only the basics of working with exceptions. Understanding the role of exceptions and type of exceptions are very important for Java Certification. You must read all series article to gain a thorough knowledge on exception hierarchy if you have never worked on a live project. If you already have worked on live project, … read the rest

Class Design Java 8 Certification

Class Design Java 8 Certification is another important chapter for when appearing for OCA (Oracle Certified Associate Exam 1Z0-808),  (or for Java 8 Certification). At its core, proper Java class design is about code re-usability, increased functionality, and standardisation. For example, by creating a new class that extends an existing class, you may gain access to a … read the rest