Hadoop 3.0 vs Hadoop 2.0

Hadoop 3.0 vs Hadoop 2.0 : Hadoop 3.0.0 GA (General Availability) is released on 13-Dec-2017. Everybody wants to know what it brings into the table for developer, administrator and enterprise IT. There are top 8 focus area where Hadoop 3.0 shows improvement over Hadoop 2.0. these attributes sure indicates that Hadoop 3.0 is much more better & easierread the rest

Hadoop 3.0 Security by Ben and Joey

Hadoop 3.0 Security by Ben and Joey: Protecting Your Big Data Platform is an excellent, practical, well-written book which describes the Apache Hadoop and the numerous security features within Apache Hadoop that can be implemented. This book starts with a basic history of how and why Hadoop was developed and then breaks down how Apache Hadoop can be secured … read the rest

CAP Theorem

CAP Theorem was proposed by Eric Brewer (professor of computer science at the University of California, Berkeley, and vice president of infrastructure at Google) in year 2000. Eric found that there are 3 attributes of a distributed system which has multiple nodes and communicate with each other over network. CAP Theorem is an acronym which stands for Consistency Availability … read the rest