Installing Software Packages In Windows Using Chef

A large number of managed systems require configuration of software that is outside the scope of the built-in Windows roles and features. Chef has a very handy resource for installing arbitrary software onto a Windows host through the windows_package resource, which behaves somewhat like the Linux-based package resource only for Windows-specific installations. The windows_package resource is capable of installing software … read the rest

Installing Chef Client on Windows

Chef is a very popular infrastructure automation framework. It is also getting popular in windows based environment. Installing Chef Client on Windows is sometime a challenge for developer. In order to install the Chef client on Windows, there are three basic options to be performed, as follows:

  • Use the knife-windows plugin to bootstrap the host as described previously.
  • Download and
read the rest

Chef and Microsoft Windows

Chef and Microsoft Windows are getting very popular. As chef practitioner, you must learn how chef works on Microsoft Windows. As you know that the client-side components of Chef are written in Ruby. Ruby is a cross-platform by nature, thus support for Windows is as straightforward as support for Linux and UNIX-like systems. It has been around for quite some … read the rest