Java 9 in Real World

Why do we need Java 9 in Real word. What it offers that you should look into and move your application to production without any second thought, here I have word of caution for you. You would surprise to know that no one is using Java 9 in production. Obviously, it is yet to be released officially by Oracle … read the rest

Concept of Sprint Zero

This is a very tricky question and asked in certification exam as well as in many interviews and you would find a lot of discussion about “Concept of Sprint Zero“. Many management and software leaders try to demonstrated that they know the Agile SCRUM concept and from the day one they would like to run everything under sprint … read the rest

SCRUM Master Interview Question Answer

SCRUM Master is a very crucial role in Agile SCRUM software development and best way to understand the role and responsibility of a scrum master is educate yourself by reading these SCRUM Master Interview Question Answers article.

As per SCRUM guide, development team is defined as “a self-organising team and no one, not even the Scrum Master, tells the Development … read the rest

How To Pass Professional Scrum Master

Many software engineering, IT professionals and IT business analyst, who aspire to be a “SCRUM Master”, look around to get an answer for “How to Pass Professional Scrum Master” or “Effective Preparation strategy for PSM I Certification”. I am a PSM I certified professional and would NOT say that everybody can attempt this exam and get through just by spending … read the rest

Blockchain Bitcoin and Decentralized Applications

All these terms “Blockchain Bitcoin and Decentralized Applications” are now synonymous words and I decided to read the book Decentralized Application by Siraj Raval and share my experience with all of you.

The first chapter “What is a Decentralized Application?” is very well written and explained thoroughly. the pictorial comparison of centralised, distributed and Decentralized software application force us to … read the rest