Hadoop 3.0 GPU

Hadoop 3.0 GPU : Hadoop is still behind high performance capacity due to CPUs’ limited parallelism, though. GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) accelerated computing involves the use of a GPU together with a CPU to accelerate applications to data processing on GPU cluster toward higher efficiency. However, GPU cluster has low level data storage capacity

Leveraged Hadoop 3.0 GPU Computing

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Hadoop 3.0 Docker

Hadoop 3.0 Docker : The docker enables users to bundle an application together with its preferred execution environment. In this article, we will talk about Hadoop and docker together. What are the benefit and single node setup.

Hadoop 3.0 Docker

Hadoop 3.0 Docket : Benefits

  1. Setup, Installs  & Runs Hadoop 3.0 in no time.
  2. Uses the available resources as per need, so no
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Hadoop 3.0 vs Hadoop 2.0

Hadoop 3.0 vs Hadoop 2.0 : Hadoop 3.0.0 GA (General Availability) is released on 13-Dec-2017. Everybody wants to know what it brings into the table for developer, administrator and enterprise IT. There are top 8 focus area where Hadoop 3.0 shows improvement over Hadoop 2.0. these attributes sure indicates that Hadoop 3.0 is much more better & easierread the rest